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New Home Inspections

New Home Inspections

There are important reasons why new home buyers should always get a home inspection on a new home before purchasing.

Buying a new home is an exciting experience with the opportunity to pick out paint colors and floor coverings. In all the excitement of figuring out where the furniture will go and your new route to work, don’t forget to get your new home inspected by a licensed home inspector.

It’s best to have a licensed home inspector inspect a new home during early phases of construction when more of the house is visible. But, if the house is almost complete when you decide to buy it, it’s still important to get a home inspection on a new home. The walk-through with the builder is not enough. You need a professional looking out for you.

Here’s why you should get an inspection on a new home:

  • New construction homes have all sorts of problems
  • Municipal building inspections are not the same as home inspections
  • Problems found before you buy can be fixed before moving in to your new home
  • Defects can be repaired before they result in serious consequences or costly damage
  • It matters at resale

The Good News is that hiring a professional licensed home inspector to inspect your new dream home can pay for itself many times over both monetarily and with peace of mind. You can feel confident that problems are identified and corrected early before you buy your home.

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